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in enrichment, in revenue, in happy families! 

Without a big investment of time, space or budget. Check out this Video from founder of  GoldenAct Speaking and Performance  Clubs and Curriculum.  >>

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We all want our kids to be confident,

 As Leaders, Teachers, Parents we encourage our kids with sweet reminders to "be confident" and that's so very nice!  But it is not as impactful as being the provider of a plan of action.  

Confidence is the after effect, for kids having gone through the social and emotional process of learning,  or the in-person experience of an event, or interactive situation.  

Feeling self worth and others' worth. There's no better way to infuse this empathetic combination, than the inclusive and collaborative environment that we encourage with the GoldenAct System.

You can be the provider of such a plan of action, developing them on their journey. This is why we put together the

GoldenAct Kids Club Start Up & Leader Training ...

 This Simple Video Course,  is packed with tips and tools to help start a club or begin a program in just days!

Training gives you or your childcare staff an immediate overview of GoldenAct and the ability to run this proven system and socially enriching program. 

Videos illustrate the  planning of games and activities, and how to create a short performance celebration after just a few class Meet Ups!     


GoldenAct Kids Club includes these Easy-To-Consume Tutorials: 

So that club leaders can quickly learn this one-of-a-kind system and program template for building courage and community for their students. 

  • The 4 Points System  (11:00)
  • Games and Projects Synergy ( 5:00)
  • Planning and Projects (3:00) 
  • Putting on a Showcase ! (8:00) 

We Include the necessary course workbooks and printable materials to begin your club! Tutorials include brief demonstrations of our GoldenAct "Anchor Games" which are recommended as start-up activities for any club, class or camp. These games are what we use in "Voice Presentation" which is the name of Session #1 of our full ( 8-unit ) program called GoldenAct School-Year.   

Meet Homeschool Mom & Co-op Teacher, Jenni A. 

" The, projects, presentation was a brilliant way to allow kids to grow in their confidence and see success as we moved on to  more challenging tasks...the games were INCREDIBLE in getting students to move, interact and stretch themselves.                               I think the games were the number one thing that pulled students out of their shell (the ones that needed it) but also gave structure to the excited energy (the ones that needed that!) "

Meet Parks & Recreation Summer Camps Instructor, Kathy B.

" Some methods we taught involved small group situations, so students learned how to collaborate with different people.  But the most fun we had was doing the performance for the last class. Children enjoyed showing all of the techniques learned during their sessions, friends and family came, and it was great to watch them shine!!                      I always had a blast acting in the show with them too!! "

Meet Administrative Director & Coach, Emmy L.   

" Every year I would be on the search for that talented drama coach that never seemed to exist...we developed a great partnership with GoldenAct utilizing their program materials to guide our large group...our leader was able to use this to build an incredible team that brought Bible stories to life.  With GoldenAct, you can give any leader program materials and they will be equipped to run a successful drama program of any kind." 

Yours with a purchase today :  

GoldenAct Kids Club Leader Training Videos, including our Proven 4 Points System and Program Template!                                                                                                           Downloadable PDFs, including the Course Workbook which helps leaders retain the information in our tutorials and pre-plan a program! Done-For-You Session Plan  with 4 "Meet Up" Sheets (weekly class plan) and 4  "Take" Sheets (student handouts) prepared; and Blank Planning Sheets for your modifications.  Value $ 395

Additional  Materials:   

Anchor Games (for Press 'n Play instruction!) 4-Video Bundle  Value $ 80                                                                                                    

Mini Teaching Sessions (adapting games, early script reading) Value $ 40     

              A Total Value :    $515                   

  Now for a limited time     $ 515 

          Only $ 197

Plan a club for your 2023-24 School Year! 

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The GoldenAct Risk-Free  Guarantee !

We believe in your success with our product so much that we would accept nothing less than your total satisfaction.  If after reviewing our materials, and within   30 Days of purchase, you decide they have not been beneficial to your knowledge and development of a winning kids club, class or program, please reach out to us via email [email protected] to request a full refund!

Easy to Learn. Simple to Run. Affordable.

This proven system is adaptable, to your programming ideas and your students' needs.


Provide the plan of action, for their journey toward confidence.

 GoldenAct Kids Club Start Up & Leader Training Course. 

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