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I give parents, teachers and youth leaders knowledge and advice they can use to lead their budding entertainers, providing tools and training so that they can help kids grow in confidence through  speaking and performance experience! 




 Our brand new product,                                                 GoldenAct  Kids Club                                   is a leader training course with everything needed to start, organize and  hit the ground running with public speaking or dramatic performance club. 

You can build students' courage and real-world skills, whether for fun, for enriching hobbies or their future career on stage,                          on set,  or social media. 

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       Want GoldenAct's FREE Program                     Template & 4 Points System ?              This digital download provides the exact framework I used to earn the joy (and the revenue!) of serving hundreds of families-- starting with my own-- from our homeschool years to my parks & recreation classes, from a private studio to running community Summer camps; from public school aftercare clubs to ministry and therapy programs!  

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"What I loved about your curriculum was how easy it was to use. I didn’t have to spend any time during the week to prep to use... It was simple and easy to follow. "

Viv Calero
Early Childhood Programs Director

Our goal is for the long term.

We believe in discovery of gifts, and building of skills and "putting it out there" for good and redeeming stories and project collaborations. When we say "invest your talents" we mean YOUR leader talents, and those of the young people entrusted to your care. Let's stay connected so that I can be of help and encouragement for the journey:

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Calling all Media Moms (& Dads!) 

From the 25-year journey starting as a homeschool mom to a 6-figure social media deals rep, I'm happy to share free information, tips, and encouragement !  

Welcome parents, teachers and leaders of children who are interested in being on Stage, on Set or on Social Media.

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