Goofing Around and Dropping TruthBombs

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2021

Hey Friends,


I thought I'd include a little out-take on the last  video shoot.

I was explaining to the camera (then the crew!) that you don't have

to spend lots of money to develop a child's talent. You CAN  remain in

a positive nurturing environment AND have a wise and stable 

pathway to a career in entertainment.  (TRUST ME :0 !)  


I'm really passionate about this particular part of my Media Mom journey, 

Because I feel I "took the road less traveled by" ( which definitely made all

the difference) and  have lots and lots to say about how to make the way 

easier for others. 


 So, here's the short version:   It's just like any  healthy career path, and

parents can seek out low-cost and local means and activities that already

exist in your city or town!  They do exist - TRUST ME! 

 - Holly 


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